Mrauk U

Mrauk U is an ancient town in northern Rakhine State wich was built in 1431 AD by King Min Saw Mon and remained its capital for 355 years continuously attained its highest prosperity till 1785 AD.


It is situated between Kaladan and Lay Mro Rivers and is surrounded by hills in the north and south about 45 miles from the seacoast. Mrauk U has many high-rise mounds with rich soil so that paddy is easily grown there.


Note-worthy religious buildings monuments are Shitthaung Pagoda (Temple of 80,000 Images or Temple of Victory) built in 1535 AD. It is the main attraction of Mrauk U. 'Htokekanthein' is one of the most famous temples in the ancient Arakanese city of Mrauk U.


Mrauk U is densely covered with a variety of tropical plants. Bamboos are dominant, covering the largest part of the hilly region. Trees, herbs and shrubs are commonly found during the rainy season. About one hundred species of mammals are found in Mrauk U.


Famous elephants can be seen at Maru ridge, north-west of Mrauk U. Varieties of wild animals roar around all over the country side. About 300 species of birds wander in the hills.


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