Inle Lake

Inle Lake, the second biggest natural lake in Myanmar is located 900 m above sea level surrounded by beautiful mountains of Shan plateau.

The lake is the home to the Intha people famous for its leg-rowing fisherman, who stand upright at the stern of their boats and paddle with one leg wrapped around the oar, and do their fishing with conical fish traps that are thrust into the water and held down with one foot while the netting is freed from the conical frame with a pole. Many of whom live off the lake by farming, “floating gardens” made up of aquatic vegetation, composted foliage and soil which is staked to the lake bottom with bamboo poles.


The lake is also well-known for its “rotating market runs on a five-day cycle” with Shan ethnic people; its artisans, and its cottage factories that produce hand-woven silk and fabric, Shan bags, jewelry, hand-formed metal work and cheroot. The lake is idyllic, with thatched huts perched on stilts above the water across thick mats of floating hyacinths and floating gardens segregated by bamboo fencing with their images mirrored in the still water.


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