Golden Rock (kyaikhtiyo)

Kyaikhtiyo exists on the highest peak (1,102 meters above sea level) of the Paung Laung mountain range.


According to legend, the hermit named Teikssa presented the hair of the Buddha to the King of Celestial. The King chose the boulder which looked like the head of the hermit and built a small stupa to place these sacred hairs.


The pagoda is marvelous for its precarious position. It is against the logic of physic defying the force of gravity as it hangs from the spur of a cliff. One obvious reason for the popularity of the pilgrimage to the Kyaikhtiyo pagoda is because of the highly refreshing and exhilarating climb to its lush rain forest, towering hills and rippling streams. It makes a never-to-be-forgotten experience to all visitors.


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